maandag 13 juni 2011

Birthday present !

Hi Dolls,

Okay, I admit, I'm cheating, I told you I was going to post after the exams, and I still have 2 weeks exams, but anyways it's midnight, and I'm ready for my exam, so I have some time for a blog post.

Normally I give you tips, or something else, but now I really need your help! It was my B-day las week, 7th June, and yes I'm 18 right now, so excited. As a birthday present, my family will put money together to give me a Louis Vuitton handbag ! :) I am thrilled to get him, but now I have to wait till after my exams. Anyways I don't want to brag, beacause it's only because it's a special birthday :)

Anyways, I wanna get the speedy 35 (maybe 30), and I don't know which one :)

Louis Vuitton Monogram Canvas Top Handles 3
Or the monogram canvas

Or the Damier ebene

So which one do you think is the best, and why?


2 opmerkingen:

  1. love them both, but if I were you I'd take to monogram canvas;!)


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